"2020 was a year when so much we took for granted in our daily lives changed dramatically. We were shocked by the rapid onslaught of COVID-19, saddened by the isolation and loss of lives, horrified and hurt when long-simmering racial injustice erupted into civil unrest, and worried as the global climate crisis loomed larger than ever. Through it all, our commitment to our mission – to advance the quality of life – remained strong. We maintained our focus and continued to work together as One Agilent.

Company Statement

Progress was painful at times, but there was good news, too. Our products, our expertise, and our donations have surely contributed to stemming the tide of COVID-19. We promised employees there would be no job losses or salary cuts due to COVID-19 and we kept our word. We also promised employee health and safety would be our top priority, so we quickly transitioned more than 13,000 employees to working remotely. Those who worked on-site or in the field were well equipped with protective gear and trained to minimize risks.

We maintained an uninterrupted inventory, delivering products and installing equipment to meet customer needs. We provided outstanding customer service, sometimes in amazingly creative ways.

I am incredibly proud of our employees. It was their sacrifices and hard work that delivered outstanding results in the most difficult circumstances many of us have ever experienced."

- Mike McMullen, President and CEO

Company Statement

Our approach to COVID-19

Agilent has an established Enterprise Risk Management Program that incorporates Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) for all our critical activities, risk assessments, and crisis-management protocols. We successfully activated this structure from the beginning of the initial outbreak of COVID-19, with teams meeting at the country, function, and enterprise levels. Our executive staff continues to meet regularly to monitor activities and discuss plans addressing all aspects of managing Agilent’s response to the pandemic.

Our employees

Agilent is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, their families, and the communities in which we operate. Initially we asked our 16,000 employees to work at home where possible to reduce transmission risks and to keep them safe. Many employees have now returned to the office based on local conditions and in line with global approvals under our return to office process. For those employees still working at home, we want our employees to work from home safely and comfortably, and they are authorized to purchase additional equipment if needed.

Currently, Agilent restricts all international travel by air and rail to business-critical purposes only, with prior executive approval required. We will continue to monitor circumstances globally and make adjustments to our approach as needed.

Our sites are open for business

All our sites remain open for key onsite activities such as manufacturing, training and customer demos. We have taken extensive precautions to protect our on-site workforce, including increased cleaning and disinfection, signage, restricted conference room usage, closure of amenities, screening and restricted access for visitors, and the availability of personal protective equipment.

Company Statement

As conditions permit, many of these precautions may be eased. However, this will always be done with employee and customer safety as our primary objective.

Agilent has developed an extensive Return to Office Protocol to manage employees returning to site once local authorities begin to allow nonessential workers to return to the workplace. Again, in this regard our top priorities are the health and safety of our workforce and the broader implications a return to on-site work locations will have on their lives and families.

We are returning to on-site work in phases prioritized to those employees needing to use on-site infrastructure and serving in customer-facing roles. Additionally, we have a site reopening protocol that welcomes all employees back to the site when the local country management team feel the environment is safe and appropriate to do so. Broader site reopenings are also done in phases to minimize risks.

Company Statement

Our products and services

Agilent has a diversified manufacturing strategy. All our manufacturing sites are operating at normal capacity, with established BCPs that cover the physical infrastructure of the site, supply-chain disruptions, and logistics/distribution. Our parts and components come from a complex and diversified supply chain, and we regularly meet with our strategic suppliers to assess the robustness of their model and their own BCPs. We have proactively initiated these plans to help guarantee surety of supply.